Gold mining in louisa va

Today, we can look at the deeds of our ancestors, and if they have landmarks, especially multiple landmarks, we can then check Google maps and sometimes find those landmarks today. That rules out about half my ancestral lands right there. My Moses Estes lived there when he was first married.

We do know that Moses is first found in Hanover County when he buys acres land jointly with his brother, Robert, in So we have been gifted with two key coordinates.

When I wrote the original article about Moses Estes Sr. That was a very lucky break, because there is only one section of land that conforms to that description allowing us to find that land almost years later. That, alone, is absolutely amazing.

Moses would have lived on this land from the time he married in or until about or early when he moved to Amelia County — about 15 years. He and Elizabeth only have 3 known children, John, Moses Jr. This means that all 3 of those children were born on this land. It also means that probably many more children are buried someplace in this earth — on the land that Moses owned.

This land is rich in minerals, or was at one time. The town of Mineral is either adjacent this land, or on this land, and was named Mineral because of the rich mineral deposits. There were pyrite and sulphur mines, and there are hidden mineshafts lurking today on this land as booby-traps.

And there was and is…. It is extremely rough and overgrown today. The town of Mineral was originally known as Tolersville, but adopted its current name when it incorporated in due to the mining industry that supported the community.

It was the center of gold mining activity in Louisa County, and during its heyday, there were fifteen gold mines located within two miles of the town.