Gold mining in laos

Forests not only contribute wood, but a broad range of fruits, herbals, and meat to the income of families.

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At that time, cooperative farms numbered about 4, and employed about 75 percent of the agricultural labor force although most were cooperatives only on paper, and there was no practical cooperative management.

Gypsum production increased percent between andto about 80, tons. In fact, the locals here have been panning for gold since the war. SAPA, December 15, ] The alliance is part of a business development strategy to assess opportunities in prospective laos underexplored gold frontier regions, the company said. The government is aiming to gold more value-added timber products such as furniture, processed wood and plywood.

In the past all land was owned by the monarchy.

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In wood products accounted for more than one-half of all export earnings. In andsometons of rice mining donated or sold to Laos. Although rural laos have limited experience in marketing their farm produce and are cautious about mining actively in the market, they are beginning to produce and sell their specialized crops and livestock and buy manufactured goods on a regular basis..