Mining jobs in africa for expats

Unfortunately, Zambia has experienced political instability that has adversely affected economic growth. Compared to other African countries, the net salary is lucrative, especially if you search for jobs that compensate well. Some of the top careers that pay well in Zambia include: Other sectors that pay decent salaries are teaching, tourism, copper mining, and engineering.

The cost of living in Zambia is relatively low compared to many African countries. Zambia has vibrant financial and banking sectors, large telecommunication giants, and mining corporations.

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South Africa South Africa has one of the strongest economies on the African continent, so it is a major hub for professionals looking to advance their careers.

If you want a job that pays well and allows you to live comfortably, South Africa is definitely worth the try. Most of the highest paid professionals in the country include lawyers, IT managers, air traffic controllers, software engineers, architects, and petroleum controllers. As usual, what you earn depends solely on your profession; however, the biggest challenge is getting the job, as well as getting the required legal permits to work in South Africa.

Even though the country has numerous cities, most of the jobs are concentrated in the large cities of Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Most professionals working in South Africa enjoy attractive benefits that substantially increase their net salaries.

According the latest numbeo. Pretoria leads with an index of When looking for jobs in the country, you should always take into consideration that the cost of living varies according to the city.

Aside from mining, other key sectors of the economy include livestock, farming, and fishing. Namibia has a fairly well developed economic landscape, which has ultimately generated plenty of job opportunities for both locals and immigrants. One of the most lucrative industries that pays well in Namibia is the aviation industry. Given the high number of multinational companies in Namibia, the perks offered for jobs, especially mid and senior level careers, meet the expectations of many professionals.

The cost of living in Namibia is high, and it even surpasses a majority of African countries.