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Environment and politics[ edit ] The mountains near Queenstown, Tasmaniacompletely denuded of vegetation through effects of mining Mining has created major economic benefits for the country, but has also had a substantial environmental impact in some areas of Australia. Historically, the Victorian gold rush was the start of the economic growth of the country, leading to major increases in population. However, it also resulted in deforestation, consequent erosion, and pollution in the areas that were mined.

Queenstown, Tasmania ‘s mountains were also completely denuded through a combination of logging and pollution from a mine smelter, and remain bare today. The Australian Labor Partyone of Australia’s two major parties, maintains a policy of “no new uranium mines”. As ofthe increased world demand for uranium has seen some pressure, both internally and externally on the ALP, for a policy change.

Despite two days of frantic pumping the waters filled the mine shaft. The trapped men scrawled last notes to their loved ones on billy cans before they drowned. Some of these have been kept and still bear the messages. The men that perished left 17 widows and 75 dependent children.

In there was an explosion in the mine and 96 men and boys lost their lives, either while at work or in the course of trying to save the lives of others.

Feature Selection Attribute Selection Feature selection also is known as variable selection.